Vision no handicap for Rinku Verma

The Mansar lake allures visitors not only with its beauty but also with melodious Dogri and Punjabi songs accompanied by the rhythms of local instrument ‘Anjira’ at the lake.

Rinku Verma, who is visually handicapped since birth, is not fortunate enough to avail an opportunity to display his singing talent on any reality show on a television channel, but he makes both ends meet by entertaining the visitors at the Mansar lake.

Rinku, who lives at Chua village, about 6 km from the lake, comes in early morning and leaves the spot in evening alone. Dressed in a stained kurta-paijama and worn-out footwear; and ‘Anjira’ and a walking stick as his sole companions, Rinku sings songs from various genres.



Vipin Sharma, a local, said Rinku had lost his father during childhood and he supports his mother and younger brother.

“His family is poor. Visitors enjoy his singing and give some money in return, but it is not sufficient for survival,” he added.
Rinku told The Tribune, “I have been singing at the lake for the past 17 years and this is my sole income source. I have learnt over 100 songs in Dogri, Punjabi and Hindi while listening to the radio.”

“Singing gives me joy. I feel happy when people praise me for my talent. I get rejuvenated when I hear people applaud after my performance. They also give me some money,” he added.

When asked about displaying his talent on TV or some other platform, he said, “I am not aware of any such means. I am thankful to God that my home is near the lake. I would always pray for liveliness of the lake as it feeds my family.”

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(With Inputs The Tribune)